Having a 9-5 is no longer an excuse!

Not having the capital is no longer an excuse!

The Tax Sale Tell All is here to guide you through buying your first property on credit!

Unlock the Secrets to Passive Income Building Real Wealth...

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  • You Will Learn Tax Sale Terms You Need To Know!

  • How To Determine Your Exit Strategy.

  • What To Expect At The Sale.

  • How To Protect Your Assets.

  • Your Exclusive List of Direct Tax Sale Links.

  • The Best States You Can Buy Tax Liens.

  • BONUS: How To Liquidate Your Credit Card!

What To Look Forward To

Registering For The Sale

Completing Due Diligence Before Bidding

Winning Your First Sale`

Deeds In Hand Same Day!

About the Author

Chanita Hester - @YeaItsNita

Meet Chanita Hester, a Real Estate Investor specializing in Tax Deed and Tax Lien sales.

Chanita has always had interests in the real estate industry since a young age. While in college she worked as a life insurance agent. Immediately after graduating college she began her journey in new construction, and having a rental property. Once reintroduced to the tax sale, she was determined to explore the ins and outs of this overlooked lane in the industry. Now she’s ready to share the secrets that has helped her win at auctions and do so without using her own money!

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